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Aschums Seafood Ab is a name you can trust when it comes to Buy Atlantic Cod as they have been in this business from past many years and because of that, they have a cumulative experience of more than 50 yrs. And the method used to catch, store, and ship are authorised by all major countries so that you don’t have to worry about the quality, and you can directly buy Atlantic Cod online. All thecaught by us are caught from open seas or from freash water so that they are naturally born and had a natural diet nothing processed in order to maintain the highest standards of all our catch.For more information on Atlantic Cod click.


North Atlantic / FAO 27
Caught by trawl and longline.

Frozen at sea (FAS)

Headed / Gutted (H/G), main size gradings:
1,0 kg-
1,0-2,5 kg
2,5-4,0 kg
2,5-5,0 kg
4,0-6,0 kg
6,0kg +

Frozen in random weight block, packed in paper bags (25 or 50kg) with an inner poly layer.
Wrapped on pallets, approximately 1 300kg/ pallet.

Fresh on-ice

H/G fish, head on/off, full/blank iced.

Value – added products

Fillets, loins, cubes from blocks

By – Products

Liver, roe, heads, back bones and other by-products.

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