Aschums Seafood Ab is a Norwegian Wholesaler of Atlantic Fish and Seafood. The best rates in the Market, we sell across the world with a market share which increases about 10% annually.

Available Fishes


While atlantic and pacific cod are two distinct species, there is very little, if any, difference between the two.


we have fresh haddock in stock. Place your order today and have it shipped the next day. Great quality and great rates.


Also known as Atlantic Mackerel; Available as whole or fillet; Fresh and Frozen; Wild; Caught on the East Coast.


We have top quality wild caught Alaskan salmon for sale. Best rates assured. Place your order today and we ship tomorrow.


In need of dried stockfish for sale? count for us for supplies all year round. We boast of great quality and very competitive rates.

Red King Crab

The majestic whole Red King Crab is known for making a statement at holiday dinner tables. The most prized of all crab.

Why us?

We got the tools

We do  fish processing with our  resources. No part of it is outsourced. We are sure of our quality

Certified Experience

we have been in sea food business for more than two decades. We have all necessary certifications.

Competitive Pricing

We are a combination of high quality and competitive rates. We have the best rates.

Customer King

We love to be the success story of our clients. We are a customer focus company.

Always on time

We understand how important time is to clients and we always supply on time.

Great Support

We are always available to attend to our clients. We can get to us through mail, phone or life chat.

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