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How to Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online at Aschums Seafood AB

Some people love to serve meals with Atlantic mackerel as the main ingredient. It is because the essential compounds in the fish are good for brain and heart health.

This fish is also safe to consume for all ages, including kids, teenagers, adults, or even the elderly. Don’t worry! Finding this product is much more straightforward now. Go to Aschums Seafood AB to buy Atlantic mackerel online. Learn more about this fish below.

About Atlantic Mackerel 

People also call the Atlantic mackerel as Boston mackerel or Norwegian mackerel. This fish grows well in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the northern Atlantic. They love to stay in those areas because of the temperate water condition.

The main characteristic of this fish is the steel-blue marked also wavy black lines and a silvery-white hue in the body. The size of a healthy and mature Atlantic mackerel is up to 30 cm or 0.98 feet, along with 3.4 kg or 7.5 lb of weight.

This fish is so popular among fish lovers because of its flavor and health benefits. Imagine that fishermen harvest up to a million tonnes of mackerel per year to fill the demand. You can buy this product in a variety of versions, including whole fresh, frozen, smoked, canned, and fillet.

The Nutrition in Atlantic Mackerel 

Experts explain that Atlantic mackerel is one of the most nutritious fishes. Kids should eat this fish regularly to boost their health. Eating this fish can fill the daily need for protein, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Your body will also get essential minerals, such as copper, selenium, and iodine. Indeed, this fish is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ensure that you buy fresh Atlantic mackerel to get all the health benefits after eating it. Aschums Seafood AB is ready to support you with fresh Atlantic mackerel. The fishermen harvest the fish in the best area where they grow healthy naturally.

There is also a team that takes care of the fish after it is harvested. The team will pack it in 4 different variations, which are whole fresh Atlantic mackerel, whole frozen Atlantic mackerel, fillet fresh Atlantic mackerel, and fillet frozen Atlantic mackerel.

Fresh Atlantic Mackerel vs Bad Atlantic Mackerel

Since there are so many mackerel products on the market, you should know how to compare fresh and bad mackerel. Follow the tips below to differentiate the quality of the mackerel.

Check the Eyes and Skin 

Checking the eyes and skin of the fish is one of the simplest ways to identify its freshness. A fresh mackerel has bright eyes and shiny skin. On the other hand, a bad mackerel will have sunken eyes and red or brown skin.

Check the Texture of the Fish 

You can also differentiate between fresh and bad mackerel by touching its body. It helps you to know the texture of the fish. Fresh mackerels are firm, and it doesn’t drop if held horizontally by the head. Indeed, a bad mackerel often has a slimy texture.

Check the Smell of the Fish 

The mackerel is fresh and safe to consume when it has a mild ocean smell. The smell of a fresh Atlantic Mackerel is not sour. So, be careful if the smell of the fish is so sour once you open the package. It means that you have a bad Atlantic mackerel. You should throw them away because you can’t consume the fish.

So, what if buying the fish online? The best way to get a high-quality product is by looking for a reputable seafood company, such as Aschums Seafood AB.

This company tries to give the best service by delivering fresh seafood products, including for those who buy Atlantic mackerel online. The next information will show you the way our team keeps the Atlantic mackerel fresh and safe until you open the package.

The Way Aschums Seafood AB Delivers Fresh Atlantic Mackerel to Its Customers 

Keeping the freshness of the fish while delivering it depends on the package. The package should reach the right temperature. We also have to think about how to limit air contamination during the shipping process. Then, we come up with an idea to create our custom crate.

This crate has a special design and it works effectively to deliver seafood products, including Atlantic mackerel. The feature of the crate keeps the temperature inside the crate stable. Bringing the right temperature on the crate helps to keep the moisture level.

The crate is also durable enough to prevent air contamination during the delivery order. Air contamination attracts bacteria to come and grow inside the crate. The more bacteria in the crate, the faster the decomposition. The highest achievement of using this crate is to ensure that you get fresh mackerel once you open it.

Indeed, having a perfect crate is useless without offering fresh Atlantic mackerel. We have business cooperation with professional fishermen. They get used to catching high-quality mackerel in the right area. Our team will carefully treat the mackerel once it arrives. We recheck the crate and its content before delivering it to your address.

Things to Do to Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online at Aschums Seafood AB 

Visit the official website, aschumsseafoodab.com, and check the information you want to know about the mackerel there. It is so critical if it is your first time buying Atlantic mackerel online at Aschums Seafood AB. Click the contact us option on the package when you are ready.

Complete the online form and submit your message. Remember to write the specification of the mackerel you want to order. This seafood company is ready with fresh, frozen, and fillet mackerel in all sizes. Some people love to eat the small or medium size of mackerel. Some others are satisfied when enjoying a large mackerel. This company is ready with all sizes of mackerel.

Sending your order via email is an alternative if you want to buy Atlantic mackerel online. Ensure that you have included all the specifications of the mackerel you want to order. Submit the order and wait for the reply. The company also has a phone number to call. You can also use it to request the fish you want. Complete the payment. Our team will prepare your order and package it with our special crate. Then, we will deliver it to you right away.

That’s it! Open the package to check the condition of the fish once you receive the package. Store the mackerel in the right method to keep them last longer. Take the mackerel only when you want to cook it.

Tricks to Keep Your Atlantic Mackerel Fresh After Opening the Package 

It is useless if you get fresh mackerel from Aschums Seafood AB, but you can’t store the fish well. As a result, the quality of the fish will reduce drastically.

You even can’t consume the fish since it turns to bad quality. We have some tricks you can apply to keep the freshness of the Atlantic mackerel after receiving it from Aschums Seafood AB.

Clean the Mackerel 

You should clean the mackerel right away once you open the package. This step can’t only preserve the freshness but also the flavor of the fish. Cleaning the fresh fish means removing the kidney and rinsing the fish with water.

Prepare a Bowl with Ice 

Prepare a bowl with ice once the mackerel is clean. Put the fish in the bowl with ice. It is also a crucial trick when storing fish. The cool temperature keeps your fish moist.

Put the Atlantic Mackerel in the Refrigerator 

Putting in a bowl with ice is not enough to store mackerel. You still have to place the bowl in the refrigerator. This trick also prevents the ice from melting. The water from the ice will contaminate the flavor of the fish. This trick helps to keep the quality of the fish for up to two days.

Freeze the Atlantic Mackerel 

What if you want to keep it longer for your stock? It is also a prominent consideration if you have a restaurant or café. The best alternative is by freezing the Atlantic mackerel once you receive the package.

First, clean the fish and put them in a Ziploc bag. Remove all the air inside the bag before locking the zip. Second, you can also cover each fish with aluminum foil and freezer paper. Then, put them in the freezer. Incredibly, this simple trick keeps the freshness of your mackerel for 3 to 12 months!

Take the frozen mackerel out of the freezer only when you want to cook it. Now, you don’t need to worry about holding mackerel for stock because you know how to handle it. Best of all, you can always serve the best meals from fresh mackerel.

So, this information will help you a lot if you want to buy Atlantic mackerel online. You finally know that Aschums Seafood AB is one of the trusted places to buy fresh seafood products online, including fresh Atlantic mackerel.

Plus, it also gives you more understanding about the way to get fresh mackerel, and how to save and serve it fresh. Call us anytime you need more Atlantic mackerel, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

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