Fresh, Wild-caught Mackerel

Aschum’s offers Atlantic Mackerel in our repertoire of fine wild-caught seafood.It’s important to use  certified methods of harvesting, storing, and shipping that meet the import requirements of the major countries worldwide. This ensures a very high standard of quality. One method of meeting standards is to sell wild-caught from open seas or freshwater.With a natural growing environment and diet,Atlantic Mackerel are the highest in nutrients and lowest in  contaminants, such as Mercury.

Atlantic Mackerel

One of the more pristine designated fishing areas is North Atlantic / FAO 27.There is a large population of Mackerel and minimal impact from humans. Another assurance that your Mackerel harvest is top-quality.

Mackerel is a pretty fish with distinctive striping.  It can live up to 20 years and is considered a fully reproductive adult at age 2. In a single spawning season, one female Mackerel lays from 285,000 to s two million eggs. The female releases her eggs in batches. During a typical spawning season, in the spring and summer months, a female lays 5 to 7 batches of eggs.  Catch areas are distributed to take into account the spawning regions.

It thrives in cold water and is a speed demon.Atlantic mackerel are known to be the fastest swimming fish in United Kingdom zone. A branched tail and the retractable fins allow it to cut swiftly through the water. The absence of a swim bladder requires continuous motion to stay afloat and alive.

As with many fish, not too much is discarded.  The liver, heads, backbones and roe are all considered valuable in the seafood marketplace.

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