Dried Stockfish – The Tradition Lives On

Dried Stockfish

The drying of fish has been a part of Norwegian history for many hundreds of years. (See the traditional Norwegian drying rack, a kjell, pictured here.)Traditionally, itwas a necessary method of preservation.  Now, its flavor is a part of many cultural cuisines around the world.   Many Nordic and Italian dishes in particular require the unique flavor delivered in Dried Stockfish.

Cod is considered the gold standard for stockfish and we at Aschum’s offer both Atlantic and Pacific Cod in dried varieties.  Stockfish is one of the premier seafood products in heavy demand worldwide.  Having a strong international shipping and distribution network is the key to effectively serving this niche in the seafood marketplace.

What’s so special about dried stockfish?

Aside from the unique flavor it imparts to traditional soups and dishes, stockfish in a concentrated bundle of nutrition.  Once through the drying process, stockfish is 80% protein.    It contains the fatty acids necessary for neural development and brain health.  Include the iron, calcium, marine oils and vitamins and you can see why dried stockfish is one of Aschums Norwegian Seafood’s  nutritional dynamos. With all of this nutritional value, dried stockfish is considered great in the diets of pregnant women and the elderly.

Nigeria is the number one importer of Norwegian stockfish.  This stems primarily from the use of stockfish in mainstay recipes, such as soups. The processing of Aschum’s cod stockfish is not outsourced so that we can guarantee the quality of this much sought after seafood product.  Our seafood shipping network allows us to offer this product to people worldwide.

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  1. I’M a Nigerian based in Norway. We cherish Norwegian
    stokfish alot in daily food intakes,although expensive in market place. Would have love to start buying from you exporting to Nigerian. What does your bale of stockfish cost?

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