Atlantic Cod – A Seafood Staple

Atlantic Cod is one of the most popular seafood.  It’s a favorite baking and frying fish and standard fare at restaurants that cater to the traditional fish-on-Friday crowd. Atlantic cod has a slightly sweet taste, with large flakes that fall apart easily when cooked.

Atlantic Cod

The Atlantic Cod is a cold water fish and Aschum’s Seafood finds it best to freeze it at sea.This practice ensures the very best in quality from ship to supper table.

Aschum’s fishes for cod in the designated zone of North Atlantic / FAO 27. The most effective harvest methods are by trawl and longline.

Some populations of cod undergo seasonal migrations, traveling from polar waters in summer and fall and migrating deeper in more southerly waters for the winter and spring months. Others navigate considerable distancesto find food. A shoaling species, Atlantic Cod tend to move in massive groups ordered by size. The largest individuals lead the shoal, but the group structure changes when food is located.Cod has been overfished so managed harvesting is crucial.  Aschum’s Seafood is dedicated to harvesting sustainably.

Female Cod  don’t reach reproductive maturity until they are at least five years of age. Couple that with the fact that only 1 egg in a million successfully reaches adulthood and it’s not hard to see how overfishing and any other environmental factors Can quickly deplete their numbers.

Cod’s market value includes not only the whole fish or fillets, but livers, heads and roe.  Aschum’s Norwegian Seafood seeks to preserve the availability of this delicious fish by harvesting responsibly.

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