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Start Your Fresh King Crab Business Now with the Support from One of the Trusted Wholesalers of Live King Crab, Aschums Seafood AB

Selling live king crabs is a profitable business. Imagine that live king crab consumption reaches 40 million pounds per year in the USA.

On the other hand, in Japan, the consumption of this product reaches 5.1 million pounds per year. Now, calculate the profit of this business in your country. All you have to do is look for a reputable wholesaler to supply your needs.

As one of the most reputable wholesalers of live king crab, Aschumsseafoodab.com will support you to get the fresh and live crab to satisfy your customers. Check the details below.

The Way to Ensure that You Get Fresh and High-Quality Live King Crab 

Quality is everything for your customers. Indeed, they want to consume fresh king crab to taste the great flavor and get all the health benefits.

So, ensure that you get fresh and high-quality live king crabs supply before selling them to your customers. Here, we have some tips to check the quality of the king crabs.

Check the Appearance of the King Crab 

One of the easiest ways to ensure the quality of the king crab is by checking its appearance. Fresh live king crab shells have a burgundy color.

The weight of a healthy king crab is 2 kg to 6 kg. The size standard is approximately 11 inches or 28 cm in width and 1.8 m or 5.9 ft of a leg span.

Check the Condition of the King Crab  

After examining the appearance of the king crab, check its condition of the king crab. Lift one of the crabs from the box. Now, carefully examine the crab.

They should be moved when you lift them. Then, check the condition of the water. Ensure that it does not produce something slimy.

Fresh and live king crab is clean and moist. The slimy texture around the product shows that bacteria are growing there. If so, it means there is something wrong with the storage or the condition of the king crab itself.

Check the Color of the Flesh 

The flesh from the fresh king crab is white and bright. The raw flesh is also juicy and plump when touching it. Be careful if the flesh is brown or even yellow.

It is a sign that the flesh starts to decompose. The darker color indicates that it has been exposed to the air for a long time.

Smell the King Crab 

The last thing you can do to check the quality of the king crab is by smelling it. The smell of fresh and healthy king crab is mildly sweet. Be aware of the strong bitter or sour smell.

It is a sign that the flesh is contaminated. Leave the product because your customers can’t consume it.

Aschums Seafood AB tries to be one of the trusted wholesalers of live king crab. That’s why we learn effective packaging methods and the characteristics of the king crabs. As a result, we design a specific crate.

The crate keeps the king’s crabs alive during transportation. The technology on the crate also keeps the crate meets the most suitable condition for the king crabs.

The idea is to ensure that you will receive the crate and product in the same condition as the first time we packed them. It also limits storage issues during the delivery process that lower the quality.

The Reason for Buying Live King Crab at Aschums Seafood AB

There are so many reasons why you should buy live king crab at Aschums Seafood AB. First, the team harvests the product directly from the cold and clean water of Norway. Indeed, the harvesting location determines the quality of the seafood. The cleaner the water and habitat, the higher the quality of the king crab.

Second, the team carefully harvests, packs, and ships the kind crab. Indeed, delivering a high-quality product is not only about ensuring the quality of the product. It is also about the way to keep the quality during the delivery process until customers open the package.

We understand the important role of keeping quality in the delivery process. Because of that, our team is about to pack the king crab in specially designed crates. It is not an ordinary crate because the temperature inside it is like the natural environment of the king crabs. The purpose of this crate design is to ensure that the crabs survive during transportation.

Third, we have a strict standard for a high-quality product. High-quality king crab means that it should be 2 to 6 kilograms of weight. The crabs must be fresh with a bright reddish-brown color. The posture of the crabs should be perfect with long legs and large claws.

The Way to Store Live King Crab after Receiving It from Aschums Seafood AB 

Say you finally receive your live king crab from Aschums Seafood AB. So, what do you have to do? It is so crucial to keep the king crab fresh and last longer before cooking them. The first thing to do is open the container or crate.

Now, prepare a new container and cover the surface with wet newspaper. Move the live king crabs to the containers with wet newspaper. In case you don’t want to cook them yet, store the containers in the fridge or a cooler.

The idea of doing this is to keep the crate moist and cool. It is better not to keep them in the old container and let them wet. The bad condition after shipping may affect the quality of the product. The most important thing is to ensure that the king crab is fresh until your customers order their favorite menu.

Alternatively, you can also move the flesh from the shell. Put the meat in the container. Then, put the containers in the refrigerator. This trick keeps the freshness of the flesh for two days or even more. Keeping the meat frozen is better. Take the frozen meat only when you are ready to cook it.

The Steps to Order Live King Crab at Aschums Seafood AB

Nowadays, ordering live king crab for business purposes is straightforward. You can even order it online. Visit the official website, aschumsseafoodab.com. Then, click the contact us button on the top of the page. Complete the form and send your message. We will reply to your message immediately.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service by phone or send your message via email. That’s it! Our team will deliver your fresh live king crab right away with our strict standards. You can also ask us anything about live king crab through our customer service. Our customer service will guide you so you can make your first order right away.

The Prospect of Selling King Crab

Is selling king crab worth the money? Indeed, it is a profitable business if you have customers who are seafood lovers. Say that the price of king crab legs is between $50 to $100 per pound. The value of the product increases when selling cooked king crab.

Find out the favorite king crab menus crab lovers will love. You can serve classic king crab, baked king crab, king crab legs with garlic butter, and many more. Some people even love the simple menu. For instance, you only have to cook fresh king crab meat in a pot.

Add two cups of water and a tablespoon of salt to the bowl. Let this mixture boil. The simple menu is ready to serve. Crab lovers will love it! As long as you are using high-quality king crab and ingredients, your customers will love the menu.

Aschums Seafood AB will support you to get the best king crabs for your customers. As a result, you can make money from selling king crabs. We will also be happy to hear you can satisfy your customers.

The Way Aschums Seafood AB Ensure That You Will Get Live King Crab Supply 

Aschums Seafood AB tries to ensure that you will always get live king crabs supply. One of the strategies is by harvesting them based on environmentally friendly standards. We ensure that these animals can grow healthy before harvesting them.

This company also cooperates with trusted fishermen across Norway to ensure the stock is enough for buyers. They have done these tricks for a few years.

It is the reason why this company becomes one of the trusted wholesalers of live king crab in Norway. These tricks also help us to have live king crabs year-round. As a result, you can request this product anytime you need it.

So, selling fresh live or cooked king live is a profitable business. Some people love the sweet taste of fresh flesh. Plus, they also want to get health benefits from eating fresh king crab meat. This product is rich in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals.

You can also easily store and cook it. Follow the storing steps above to keep the quality of the crab. Having restaurants or cafes offering meals with king crab will attract more customers to come. You can grill, boil, or steam the meat with your best ingredients.

One thing is for sure you will always get the best product from one of the best wholesalers of king crab, Aschums Seafood AB. It sounds great to hear about your success because of our seafood products, including our fresh live king crab.


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