Seafood Around the World

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Seafood is a favorite of cultures around the world.  All the parts of fish can be used for traditional favorites or exotic delicacies.

Aschum’s Norwegian Seafood is shipped worldwide in a variety of products to meet the demands of international cuisine.

Atlantic Mackerel is a firm fish, somewhat like tuna, which can be flaked and replace chicken as a more nutritious protein in salads. Replacing chicken with Mackerel adds loads of Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium enhance your skin & hair care,boosting immunity: while mineralsimprove bone density. Mackerel also promotes weight loss and improves cognition.

Red King Crab is a delicacy in the seafood line.  Steamed crab legs are a taste treat for sure.  To aid in removing the meat from the shell, adding a little vinegar to the water for steaming will help.   Steaming is preferred or boiling by many, arguing that the flavor is lost to the water when boiling.  Served with melted butter, Red King Crab is a present to your palate.

Salmon can be served in steaks that are grilled, baked, fried or smoked.  Sauces can enhance the flavor as well.  Some country style recipes include putting the salmon into breading and creating patties for frying.   Other recipes may include cooked, flaked salmon and used to ‘upgrade’ recipes that would traditionally use Tuna. While Salmon roe is not considered ‘true caviar’, it is often used to garnish crepes or blini, and as an ingredient in sushi and canapes. Atlantic salmon is a versatile and tasty fish.

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