Atlantic Cod is one of the most popular seafood.  It’s a favorite baking and frying fish and standard fare at restaurants that cater to the traditional fish-on-Friday crowd. Atlantic cod has a slightly sweet taste, with large flakes that fall apart easily when cooked.

Atlantic Cod

The Atlantic Cod is a cold water fish and Aschum’s Seafood finds it best to freeze it at sea.This practice ensures the very best in quality from ship to supper table.

Aschum’s fishes for cod in the designated zone of North Atlantic / FAO 27. The most effective harvest methods are by trawl and longline.

Some populations of cod undergo seasonal migrations, traveling from polar waters in summer and fall and migrating deeper in more southerly waters for the winter and spring months. Others navigate considerable distancesto find food. A shoaling species, Atlantic Cod tend to move in massive groups ordered by size. The largest individuals lead the shoal, but the group structure changes when food is located.Cod has been overfished so managed harvesting is crucial.  Aschum’s Seafood is dedicated to harvesting sustainably.

Female Cod  don’t reach reproductive maturity until they are at least five years of age. Couple that with the fact that only 1 egg in a million successfully reaches adulthood and it’s not hard to see how overfishing and any other environmental factors Can quickly deplete their numbers.

Cod’s market value includes not only the whole fish or fillets, but livers, heads and roe.  Aschum’s Norwegian Seafood seeks to preserve the availability of this delicious fish by harvesting responsibly.

Dried Stockfish

The drying of fish has been a part of Norwegian history for many hundreds of years. (See the traditional Norwegian drying rack, a kjell, pictured here.)Traditionally, itwas a necessary method of preservation.  Now, its flavor is a part of many cultural cuisines around the world.   Many Nordic and Italian dishes in particular require the unique flavor delivered in Dried Stockfish.

Cod is considered the gold standard for stockfish and we at Aschum’s offer both Atlantic and Pacific Cod in dried varieties.  Stockfish is one of the premier seafood products in heavy demand worldwide.  Having a strong international shipping and distribution network is the key to effectively serving this niche in the seafood marketplace.

What’s so special about dried stockfish?

Aside from the unique flavor it imparts to traditional soups and dishes, stockfish in a concentrated bundle of nutrition.  Once through the drying process, stockfish is 80% protein.    It contains the fatty acids necessary for neural development and brain health.  Include the iron, calcium, marine oils and vitamins and you can see why dried stockfish is one of Aschums Norwegian Seafood’s  nutritional dynamos. With all of this nutritional value, dried stockfish is considered great in the diets of pregnant women and the elderly.

Nigeria is the number one importer of Norwegian stockfish.  This stems primarily from the use of stockfish in mainstay recipes, such as soups. The processing of Aschum’s cod stockfish is not outsourced so that we can guarantee the quality of this much sought after seafood product.  Our seafood shipping network allows us to offer this product to people worldwide.

King CrabAt Aschum’s Norwegian Seafood, we know the importance of foods, such as crab, as part of a healthy diet.  Our Red King Crab is a healthy offering for restaurants and the family dinner table.  That’s why we make our Crab available in a variety of ways.  Live crab can be shipped anywhere from Seattle to Singapore. There’s no better way to guarantee the maximum in flavor and nutrition than to cook Crab live.  To guarantee you get your product as fast as possible, we also have the ability to take your order online.

King Crab has incredible health benefits and is considered one of the most nutritional of seafood.

First of all, Crab is very high in protein, something often lacking in average diet. Having adequate protein in your diet is important for building and maintaining muscle. King Crab also contains extremely high levels of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids,  and selenium. Each of these nutrients play critical roles in both improving overall health, and at the same time, work in the prevention of  a variety of chronic conditions.

While some would argue that Crab meat is high in cholesterol, it has more to do with preparation not the actual King Crab itself. Some traditional recipes call for dousing the King Crab in butter before serving.  On the other hand plain steamed crab meat, best if its steamed live, is one of the healthiest of any seafood you could eat. Crab is relatively low in caloric content and brings the added benefits of several minerals and B vitamins.

Crab is a great source of two beneficial long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests they help lower blood pressure, protect against heart disease, improve cognitive function, and reduce conditions such as psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.

Crab provides  long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which give it anti-inflammatory qualities,and can aid lowering  blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, iincrease cognitive function, and treat conditions such as psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.

Aschum’s  Red King Crab is not just good eating, it’s good nutrition that your customers will appreciate. 

Aschum’s offers Atlantic Mackerel in our repertoire of fine wild-caught seafood.It’s important to use  certified methods of harvesting, storing, and shipping that meet the import requirements of the major countries worldwide. This ensures a very high standard of quality. One method of meeting standards is to sell wild-caught from open seas or freshwater.With a natural growing environment and diet,Atlantic Mackerel are the highest in nutrients and lowest in  contaminants, such as Mercury.

Atlantic Mackerel

One of the more pristine designated fishing areas is North Atlantic / FAO 27.There is a large population of Mackerel and minimal impact from humans. Another assurance that your Mackerel harvest is top-quality.

Mackerel is a pretty fish with distinctive striping.  It can live up to 20 years and is considered a fully reproductive adult at age 2. In a single spawning season, one female Mackerel lays from 285,000 to s two million eggs. The female releases her eggs in batches. During a typical spawning season, in the spring and summer months, a female lays 5 to 7 batches of eggs.  Catch areas are distributed to take into account the spawning regions.

It thrives in cold water and is a speed demon.Atlantic mackerel are known to be the fastest swimming fish in United Kingdom zone. A branched tail and the retractable fins allow it to cut swiftly through the water. The absence of a swim bladder requires continuous motion to stay afloat and alive.

As with many fish, not too much is discarded.  The liver, heads, backbones and roe are all considered valuable in the seafood marketplace.