Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online

Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online

Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online Fast and Easy at Aschums Seafood AB

Do you love eating meals with Atlantic mackerel as the main ingredient? Are you running a culinary business and want to add a new menu? Meals with Atlantic mackerel can be a good idea. Don’t worry!

Now, you can buy Atlantic mackerel online. Aschums Seafood AB will help you to fill your need. The valuable information below gives you more understanding before purchasing this product.

Types of Atlantic Mackerels You Can Buy at Aschums Seafood AB Online 

There are 4 types of Atlantic Mackerels you can buy from Aschums Seafood AB, whole fresh, whole frozen, fillets fresh, and fillets frozen.

Whole Fresh Atlantic Mackerel

You are about to get fresh Atlantic mackerel from the North Atlantic Ocean. The location is one of the places where Mackerel grow well. It is because the environment is rich in nutrients and other essential things that mackerels need.

Aschums Seafood AB only uses expert fishermen to harvest the fish. They know how to handle the fish once they collect it. Our team will use a secure and durable packaging design to keep the freshness of mackerel and the ease of transportation.

The mackerel size also varies from small to large. It means that you can request as you want. A whole fresh Atlantic mackerel means that you are about to get mackerel with its head, tail, and bones.

Whole Frozen Atlantic Mackerel 

Whole Frozen Atlantic Mackerel is the same as the fresh version. The difference is that the fish is dead and frozen.

Don’t worry! We also have an expert team to manage and store frozen Atlantic mackerel to keep its quality. As a result, you get the best-frozen seafood product.

Fillet Fresh Atlantic Mackerel 

Restaurant owners often order fillet fresh Atlantic mackerel for simplicity. They can directly cook it, along with all ingredients without cleaning the fish first.

This product is clean. It serves without head, tail, and bones. You can directly grill, bake, fry, or smoke them to serve a delicious meal.

Fillet Frozen Atlantic Mackerel 

Fillet frozen Atlantic Mackerel is the frozen version of the fresh fillet product. It is a good option if you want to store the product longer. You can just take the fish out from the fridge anytime you want to cook them.

How to Buy Atlantic Mackerel Online at Aschums Seafood AB 

So, how to buy Atlantic mackerel online at Aschums Seafood AB? Relax! You can order high-quality mackerel in three different methods.

First, order the product at the official website, aschumsseafoodab.com. The contact us option on the page will cover your needs. This company prepares an online form to fill out. Fill out the form, including the message you want to send to the team.

Second, in case you want to order Atlantic mackerel, explain the details of the order. Tap the send the message button and wait for the reply.

Third, you can also order the best mackerel via email. Send your request to [email protected]. We are also ready to receive your order by phone. Call 23965899 and explain your order. We will pack your order and send it to your address immediately.

How to Store the Atlantic Mackerel After Receiving It from Aschums Seafood AB

Another thing you should learn besides ordering the Atlantic mackerel is the way to store the product. You should understand about it if you want to store the mackerel in case you don’t cook them yet.

Store Fresh Whole Atlantic Mackerel 

Say you are ordering fresh whole Atlantic mackerel. The first thing you should do is put them in the refrigerator. It will be better if you put them on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator because it is the coldest area. This trick can keep the mackerel fresh for up to 2 days.

In case you want to store the fish longer, add ice crumbs around them. Put them back on the refrigerator. This trick can keep the freshness of the fish up to 10 to 14 days. It is a good trick if you have a restaurant and cook Atlantic mackerel by order.

Store Frozen Atlantic Mackerel 

Buying frozen Atlantic mackerel is an option for those who need to have stock for 2 to 3 months. The most important thing is that you know how to store it so you can still cook the fish. First, put each carcass in a separate container. Then, wrap them in a bag.

Set the temperature of the freezer from -24 to -15 degrees. Ensure that the fish is laid out on the bottom of the refrigerator shelf for 10 to 12 hours. Remember! Only take the fish out when you are about to cook them. Atlantic mackerel can’t be refreezing. It reduces the quality and freshness.

Make Salted Mackerel 

Creating salted mackerel from fresh fish is an effective alternative to storing it longer. This method helps to store the mackerel for 2 to 3 months. Creating salted mackerel is straightforward. Mix salt, granulated sugar, water, and spices if you want to add flavor.

Put the mackerel in the mixture. Now, wrap the fish with cling film. Place them in a container if you don’t have cling film. Store the container in the freezer. You can take the fish out of the freezer anytime you want to cook a meal with it.

How to Cook Atlantic Mackerel 

Cooking Atlantic mackerel is also simple to do. It depends on the difficulty levels you want. This fish is suitable for baking, barbequing, grilling, and frying. You can cook a variety of meals with this fish, including fishcakes, burgers, rillettes, and others.

It is okay if you want to consume raw Atlantic mackerel, such as on a tartare or ceviche. Indeed, you should ensure that the Atlantic mackerel is fresh before consuming it raw.

Buying fish from a trusted company is the key to getting the freshest Atlantic mackerel. It becomes so critical, especially because you buy the fish online. Buy fresh Atlantic mackerel online at Aschums Seafood AB to get a high-quality product.

How Can Aschums Seafood AB Keeps Their Atlantic Mackerel Fresh

The first thing they do to keep their Atlantic mackerel fresh is by harvesting only high-quality fish. It is the reason why the team only harvests the fish in a suitable environment for them to grow. This trick ensures the company gets fresh and healthy fish.

The company also cooperates with professional fishermen who often catch fish for mackerel. We also guide the fishermen to give mackerel according to our standards. One thing is for sure, we carefully harvest the fist with environmentally friendly methods only.

We don’t want to destroy the habitat or harvest all the mackerels. We want to keep the habitat so the leftover fish can grow more healthy mackerel.

This is how we make our business sustainable by sending the product regularly. Yes! It is also our strategy to harvest Atlantic mackerel anytime we want to prepare your order without counting on the season.

How Aschums Seafood AB Keeps Their Product Fresh During Shipping 

Keeping Atlantic mackerel fresh during shipping is challenging. A wrong packaging method triggers serious issues. Dirty air or different temperatures can contaminate the fish. After a few years of experience, we finally found a perfect package design.

We are customizing a crate to pack our products, including Atlantic mackerel. This package design keeps the mackerel fresh during shipping. We are happy to say that this packaging method covers our customers who want to buy Atlantic mackerel online.

Carefully open the package and treat the mackerel by applying one of the techniques above once receiving it. The way you treat the fish after receiving it determines how long the mackerel can stay fresh.

Who Can Buy Atlantic Mackerel from Aschums Seafood AB 

Anyone who needs fresh and high-quality Atlantic mackerel can buy it from Aschums Seafood AB. It is a good solution for chefs, cooks, or restaurant owners who need mackerel supplies to fill their customers’ needs. People who love to cook and eat meals with mackerel can also order this product.

Follow one of the ordering methods above to get our product. Remember! Cooking and eating meals from high-quality Atlantic mackerel ensures you get all the essential compounds, including Omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

As a result, you can feel the health benefits of eating the fish without sacrificing the flavor. Imagine if you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals. It sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

Now, you don’t need to get confused anymore if you want to cook Atlantic mackerel whether for business or personal purposes. You only have to find a trusted company that can support you with fresh products, such as Aschums Seafood AB.

The purchasing process is also simple and fast. Buy Atlantic mackerel online by following one of the methods above. That’s it! Wait for the delivery service to send the order to your address.

Open the package and you will see a box of fresh Atlantic mackerel that is ready to cook! In the end, you can serve delicious meals made of fresh mackerel anytime whether for your family members or customers.


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