Atlantic Mackerel For Sale

Atlantic Mackerel For Sale

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Because there are many oceans on earth, so many fish species are found. However, not all types of fish have good nutrition and delicious taste. Therefore, we need to be smart and careful in choosing a good type of fish for consumption.

Because there are so many types of fish for consumption, of course we have to know the various types of fish. One of the best fish to cook is mackerel. Well, this article will focus on discussing mackerel.

The reason is, many people looking for Atlantic mackerel for sale do not know exactly how to choose good quality mackerel. Therefore, you need to get some important knowledge regarding what mackerel is, what is meant by Atlantic mackerel, and what are the benefits of mackerel for the health of the body. Well, here is the full explanation.

What is Mackerel Fish?

The mackerel is a type of fish that belongs to the Scombridae family. This fish is often also referred to as mackerel or mackerel. This is not true because mackerel is actually only in the same genus as tuna and mackerel, because mackerel is actually a pelagic fish.

Not only that, many people also think that mackerel is sardines. That’s also not true because mackerel and sardines are different types of fish. The reason is, the size of sardines is smaller than mackerel.

Meanwhile, mackerel fish skin is also darker when compared to sardines which look more silvery. The texture of sardines is also drier than mackerel. Well, if you look at the flesh, the color of the mackerel is pink while the color of sardines is white.

The body size of the mackerel fish is also quite large with a body that looks slender. Well, the biggest mackerel is a type of bluefin mackerel or known as shark fin mackerel. Well, this type of mackerel has a bigger body than sardines. The weight of this type of mackerel is 500 grams with a body length of 35-45 cm.

In addition, mackerel fish have a long black line from the back to the tail. The lines are almost like mackerel skin motifs, but the lines on mackerel skin are more unique. The mackerel also has 7-9 fins from the back to the tail.

These fish can be found in the deep seas. However, if you are lucky, sometimes you can also find mackerel in a location not far from the beach. However, this rarely happens, so fishermen often look for mackerel in the middle of the sea.

Some types of mackerel can swim to depths of more than 1,000 meters in the ocean. These fish are scattered in various seas in the tropics and also the north. In fact, there are also several types of mackerel that can raise blood temperature to above water temperature. It was only done by using their muscles.

The type of mackerel that can do this is the bluefin mackerel. Well, this type of mackerel can live in very cold water. That’s what makes them able to live in a variety of conditions. Therefore, mackerel is a type of animal that easily adapts to its surroundings.

Well, mackerel has become one of the big commodities. Its commercial value is quite high. The reason is, this fish can be used for various types of cooking. Usually, mackerel is more suitable when cooked using tomato sauce or chili sauce.

One of the most popular types of mackerel is Atlantic mackerel, so the demand for Atlantic mackerel for sale in the market is also very high. Well, later we will discuss more about this type of mackerel. Not only in fresh mackerel, mackerel is also sold as canned mackerel, just like sardines.

Mackerel is also famous for its high nutritional components. The protein and omega 3 fatty acids in fish are the highest nutrients from these fish. That makes mackerel fish very popular because of its high nutrition and benefits for the body.

What Does Atlantic Mackerel Look Like?

What is Atlantic mackerel? It is a Norwegian mackerel which is one of the most famous types of mackerel in the world. One of the biggest sellers of this type of fish is Ascums Seafood.

Well, mackerel fish are often seen on the surface of the sea or near the coast. So, this mackerel is easier to catch. However, the Atlantic mackerel only appears on the surface of the sea in spring. Meanwhile, during winter and autumn, these fish will migrate to deeper water to get the warmer temperatures.

Well, different from mackerel in general which has dark skin, Atlantic mackerel has a blue skin color. In addition, there is a wavy black line on the back of the fish. Not only that, the Atlantic mackerel has a silvery white color on its belly.

Most people like Atlantic mackerel because the meat is very delicious compared to other types of mackerel. The meat from the Atlantic mackerel tastes better and there are also more omega 3 fatty acids in it, so the Atlantic mackerel is more nutritious than other types of mackerel.

No wonder the demand for Atlantic mackerel in the market is also very high. In fact, in 1 year, there are 1 million tons of Atlantic mackerel for sale. All the mackerel sold are usually sold as fresh fish, frozen fish, canned fish, and smoked fish. However, fresh and frozen types of Atlantic mackerel are the best selling mackerel in the market. One of them is mackerel sold at Ascums Seafood.

Benefits of Atlantic Mackerel

To make you more confident about buying Atlantic mackerel for sale, there are several benefits of consuming mackerel that you should know. Well, the main benefits that you will feel if you consume mackerel are as follows.

  1. Mackerel Fish Can Make Your Heart Healthier

Atlantic mackerel can help improve heart health. By regularly consuming Atlantic mackerel, your blood pressure and cholesterol can drop to normal conditions. Well, high blood pressure and cholesterol that lead to heart disease. So, when consuming mackerel, you will avoid the risk of heart disease.

In fact, there is a study in a journal called Atherosclerosis which explains that out of 12 people who consumed mackerel regularly for 8 days experienced a decrease in high blood pressure which had a good effect on heart health.

Another study in the Nutrients journal states that by consuming mackerel fish oil supplements, triglyceride levels in the body will decrease. It will make cholesterol levels in the body at normal levels.

  1. Mackerel Fish Can Help Improve Bone Health

Mackerel is one of the fatty fish, so Atlantic mackerel also has a high vitamin D content. Well, vitamin D can increase bone health. Vitamin D can help the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body. If these minerals are absorbed properly, bone health will also be good.

  1. Mackerel Fish Can Increase Body Immunity

Not only good for heart and bone health, but Atlantic mackerel is also good for boosting body immunity. This is due to the presence of selenium found in the mackerel. Selenium is a compound that can help boost the body’s immunity.

So, if selenium is combined with vitamin E, these compounds can be the best antioxidants. These antioxidants can help the body to prevent the free radicals, which are toxic compounds that can cause various diseases, including cancer.

  1. Mackerel Fish Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression

By consuming Atlantic mackerel regularly, people who are depressed will be helped. This is due to the presence of high omega 3 in the mackerel fish. Well, omega 3 is a compound that can help reduce levels of stress and depression in humans.

So, omega 3 compounds will enter the brain cell membrane. Then, these compounds will work with brain cells that help to improve mood.

  1. Mackerel Fish Can Improve Brain Performance

EPA and DHA are two types of omega 3 compounds in Atlantic mackerel. These two compounds have an important role for the brain. Both are anti-inflammatory so EPA and DHA can improve the performance of brain cells. That makes mackerel fish very good for improving the cognitive function of the brain.

So, from this explanation it can be seen that Atlantic mackerel has many benefits. No wonder, so many people want to buy Atlantic mackerel for sale. Especially for mothers, they buy the mackerel fish to become a nutritious meal for their children. The reason is, mackerel can help improve the performance of a child’s brain.

However, in buying the Atlantic mackerel, you have to really pay attention to the quality. Therefore, you can buy Atlantic mackerel for sale at Aschums Seafood Ab. It is the largest wholesaler of Atlantic mackerel in Norway. Don’t worry, all the Atlantic mackerel sold there is the highest quality mackerel.

There are two types of Atlantic mackerel sold by Aschums Seafood. Both are frozen Atlantic mackerel and fresh Atlantic mackerel. This Atlantic mackerel is guaranteed to have a high omega 3 content so it is the perfect ingredient to make a delicious and nutritious food menu for your family.

Want to find other types of fish? Or want to find a variety of seafood? Don’t worry, Ascums Seafood also has many types of fresh and frozen fish or seafood with the best quality.

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